Marek Hrabě

JavaScript Developer, 22yo, Prague

I have built several interactive landing pages, bunch of Photoshop and Sketch plugins, e-shop backends and frontends, iOS app, Electron-based multiplatform app, autoscaling worker group for image processing on AWS EC2 and managed few Heroku apps and custom servers (Digital Ocean) with dokku…

I have mainly worked with Node.js, React, Flux and a little bit of Objective C. I had some small experience with Elasticsearch and I learned to read and understand Django-based backends. The iOS app I build was written in React (running in Cordova) - just before that React Native boom happened.


With my two friends, we started a brand of premium device mockups.

Spotify used our mockups to promote a major version of their music app. Uber uses us for internal design presentations. Our mockups are regularly visible on TechCrunch and Mashable homepage as a way to introduce apps they are writing about.

Technology: Node.js, CoffeeScript, KeystoneJS, MongoDB with mongoose, Braintree, dokku, Digital Ocean


I created an engine that translates Photoshop layers to CSS

That engine is a core of CSS Hat 2 — one of most sold Photoshop plugins ever with high thousands of paying customers. During three years, we made around ten other plugins. Some were made entirely by me and for some, I only contributed a dev stack.

Technology: React, Node.js, CoffeeScript, Express, Socket.IO, Objective C, AngularJS

Adobe Photoshop

I contributed code to Photoshop's core that now runs in each PS installation

Just a few small contributions, but I'm still so proud about that! These additions made possible to create deeper Photoshop integrations that Avocode, Invision, and many other companies use.

Technology: Node.js, ExtendScript (Adobe's scripting language)


Got an idea to make a developer-friendly PSD inspector in a browser.

Working prototype was done in one weekend. Next features were a bitmap, CSS and color exports and later support for Sketch documents. That was two years ago, and Avocode is now a separate company employing 12 people, just before a Seed Round.

Technology: Node.js, Electron, React, Pixi.js, EC2, ExtendScript, Objective C


I helped my friend to develop his travel guide app that explains everything about countries in few GIFs

In two weekends, we created an iOS app and submitted to App Store. Some major tech media wrote about the app. We got several thousands of downloads in the first month.

Technology: React, Cordova,

Messenger for Mac

I made an unofficial Mac app for Facebook Messenger

I did that just after Facebook revealed Literally 10-minute project. I just wanted it to be a separate app because web messenger felt cumbersome to use in a browser where I have tens of other tabs opened. Few other people did the same thing and got more exposure, as they were Dropbox employees.

Technology: Electron

Duty Robot

I made a Slack integration that would remind people about their duties

Admins can assign teammates to tasks and Duty Robot will remind them each day of their duty. Everyone will also be able to ping people that are not responsible enough - something like /dutyrobot ping kitchen when those plates and glasses are flooding out of the sink. I haven't released this integration just yet; I need to make a landing page and polish the UI.

Technology: Node.js, KeystoneJS, React, Slack API, dokku, Digital Ocean

Me and my offline world…


In 2015, I went to 3 weeks long trip around Europe and it was the best thing I have done in the whole year. At the same time, I fell in love with Snapchat and made about 3-5 minutes of My Story content each day.


I'm listening to a lot of music and also discovering a world of music production and learning to produce my songs. My goal for next few years is to study Music Production in Point Blank Music School in London.


I love kittens! It is a pity that I cannot have one in my apartment. Two of my five most used emojis (🔑🐱🙏🔥️️😻) are kittens and that indeed explains someone's personality. My WiFi SSID at home is, of course, just 🐱


Let's make things together

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